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Re: The Sliders Kickstarter campaign

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I stopped watching the series after Arturo died. It wasn't even intentional -- my interest just evaporated and I eventually sold the third season DVD (although I kept the first two seasons).

It's a good property for a reboot, actually. It had a core concept that was interesting, but rarely exploited (and television has come a long way since the mid-1990s). It would be a good fit for the SyFy Channel today, perhaps even more so now than when they picked it up for two final seasons.
It's also so easy to start over again. All you have to do is say that this is a new group of people from Earth Prime, and say that the Kromags didn't invade, or they got the Earth wrong. There is endless ways to bring a new story and not have a full reboot.

Plus it's Earth based, can be filmed cheaply in Canada, not a lot of special effects needs like space operas.
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