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Re: Survivor 26: Fans vs Favorites Discussion

If there was one challenge Cochrane was going to win, it was the disgusting food competition. Good on him. Call me crazy, but I don't think you want to bring Cochrane to the final 3 because I think he could pull it off if he makes it that far. Everyone seemed genuinely happy for the guy when he won immunity, he's pretty darn likeable this season. Plus I bet he'd make one hell of a jury speech, he's excellent with words. Loved his Rocky-esque celebration too.

I just want to shake Phillip like a British nanny, the guy is so unaware of how he acts. Bit of a bully too. Corrine had the right idea but was foolish in how she handled it, no doubt about that. I wouldn't trust Dawn to make me toast as she'd probably cry on it and make it all soggy, let alone tell her about my plans in the game. Pretty funny that earlier in the show she said "you know what? It's time for a blindside" only to be the recipient.

Hopefully Malcolm can lay the blame for the perceived mutiny at Corrine's feet and somehow keep that alliance intact without being all suspicious.

Great episode. I love those gross food eating challenges, those and the auctions are probably my favorite.
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