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Re: Star Trek Box Sets

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I was gratified the original was chosen for the BD.
The fact that we got theatrical cuts of both The Motion Picture and The Undiscovered Country made the TOS box well worth the purchase.
That's why I ordered it this morning, for TMP. I'll flinch during a couple of shots, but I think I can adjust the brightness and contrast so the occasional bad painting doesn't wreck things. "neg-a-tive con-trol at helm" is back!

Plus I'm really excited to see the live-action component of TFF in BR. I found the laserdisc had a really lousy flat transfer and was astounded by the improvement on the DVD, and think the BR will finally get it back toward what I remember of it as screened at the long-lost great Palo Alto Square cinema in 89.

In fact, TFF is the last Trek movie -- practically the only Trek movie outside of TMP -- I remember thinking looked good in a theater. GEN was so dark that everybody's pantlegs disappeared into the floor and TUC wasn't much better, though admittedly I saw those at lousier Century theaters ... plus TUC was further sabotaged by being a 70mm blowup (which was supposed to be the screen next door), which was grain on top of grain given its Super35 origins and made the Kirk/McCoy bunk/prison scene register as just drive-in-movie black-grey nothingness.
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