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Re: 50th Anniversary Story Official Thread

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^^ Nah, it would be cool to include the older Doctors as well. It's very easy to include a reason for the older appearance. And, it's a celebration of the 50 years, not just the last 8.

Mr Awe
No for the following reasons:
*Ok, even if the excuse is good enough, do you really want Collin Baker back wearing that awful coat as an 80 or something year old man? A portly figure dressed as a clown? Sure.
*Really, with old icons like Baker, Id sooner remember them the way they were in their prime.
*If we brought all of them back, there would be too many for the story to handle. Two or three doctors is about as far as they can really go, I thought the five doctors which really just had four doctors was over crowded, where as the three doctors (which really just had two with cameos from a third) and the two doctors worked better because there was room for them in the script. Now with a Smith and Tennant team up, there are two great doctors who can both have a big slice of the action. With about 8 or so doctors, there is barley any room for either of them. Now for me I'm more than satisfied with two doctors in this, although I have a craving to see Paul McGann again, and we might as well fill in the gap with Eccleston, plus we'd have a title-the four doctors, but at the end of the day, I think we'd have a better story with just two or maybe three doctors. Maybe even four. But four is the giddy limit. Although McCoy could pull off the role as he's not aged too much since 96. Maybe if Eccleston isn't p for the role we can have McCoy instead.
*At the end of the day, I don't really want to see some of these doctors again, not in the current state they're in. Baker has gone grey and chubbier, so unless he went on a major diet and wore a wig, he'd be unsuitable for the role, Davidson's gone a little to grey and bald, plus obvious signs of aging and wrinkles, so compared to his young face and thick blond hair, he's not unrecognisable, but I'd say unsuitable, plus he's already returned in Time Crash, and the aging excuse for me should only really be used once. Collin, I've stated my reasons above, but with McCoy-Smith, I'm fine with any of them returning. Besides, the role can be physically demanding. Can yo really imagine Collin Baker running away from a Zygon now?
So, basically because the actors look older, you'd dump them? Wow, what a caring fellow you must be. My god, they have wrinkles and grey hair! We don't want to see that! Sheesh.

Just wait until you get older, maybe someone will stick you in a closet so they don't have to look at you?

These are the actors that helped make the show what it is today.

And, they can be included wisely. Obviously if you jam the story with too many it could be bad. But, I trust Moffatt and figure he'll work some of them in in such away that works for the story.

Mr Awe
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