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Re: 50th Anniversary Story Official Thread

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It's mostly a celebration of the last eight. I'm guessing that Eccleston would have been included if he wanted the job, but not any of the older Doctors.
Which is fucking ridiculous. If they wanted to celebrate the 8th anniversary with a New Who, they should've release a special on the anniversary of Rose. They're not; they're releasing it on the 50th anniversary of An Unearthly Child. This should be a celebration of Who in all its forms from beginning to the present, not any particular era.

That said, I'm still not entirely convinced we WON'T in fact get any classic Doctors or companions, but a celebration of 50 years that "mostly" celebrates the latest eight is just insulting.
Look, a popular kids show is running an anniversary special featuring characters that the current fans of the show would conceivably remember. What, precisely, is insulting about that? More to the point, when did you develop the notion that you were owed anything by this television show?
Ehh? When did I say *I* was *owed* anything?

I simply think it's silly to celebrate the anniversary of something and then celebrate something else and insulting to the people behind the eras being ignored (if it is, in fact, a "mostly" New Who celebration).
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