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Re: New poster seems proof UHURA has replaced DR. MCCOY in the big thr

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Flat out disagree...Zoe Saldana's acting in Avatar got a lot of critical acclaim and it is her best work to date. I think someone has mentioned why Avatar was so ground breaking. It was the actors that did all the acting, it was not animation or kids or body doubles

Here is the proof:
That is all nice and good, but I know some people who had no idea, that Uhura and Neytiri were played by the same actress before I told them that. If I wouldn't be a big Star Trek fan, I probably wouldn't know, who Zoe Saldana is, despite watching Avatar and Pirates of the Caribbean. In the later case I only really remember seeing Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley. I don't even know the names of the actors, who played the main villains.

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Why not Chris and Zachary?

Don’t get me wrong, Zachary is huge as well and he will always be an icon to many TV fans and geeks because of his role as Sylar on HEROES. However Zachary doesn’t seem to have the heartthrob status that Chris Pine has (despite the fact that Zachary is more handsome than Chris).
That isn't a fact. Just your opinion. Personally I think Pine looks better than Quinto.

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A lot of TOS purist fans have to accept it. This is year 2013, Star Trek can’t commercially survive with 3 Men on the poster. you need a woman, you need a woman, You need a woman.
Yes, exactly. Uhura is on the poster, because she is a women. Just like it was the case in 2009.

[Image converted to link. - M']

In the last movie McCoy and Uhura had about the same screen time, but they chose Uhura for the poster, because they didn't want to put three guys on it for marketing reasons. So the poster alone doesn't indicate, that Uhura will get more screen time than McCoy in Into Darkness.

I suspect Kirk and Spock will get again clearly the main focus. After them McCoy, Uhura and John Harrison will probably be on a similar level. Maybe also Carol Marcus. I am not sure, how big her role will be.

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