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Re: The AGT Dreadnought Enterprise

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I hate that i was born in the 70's and 90's was highschool for me.. Otherwise i'd have a sweet ass pic to post...

Back in the day I would buy Enterprise-D and build, paint, etc,etc but then after all that was done I would "Battle Damage" them all up. My local hobby shop(were I bought all my paint/glue/models) sold sheet plastic for making things on your own. I put "armor" on my Enterprise.. WAAAAAY before Voyager. I armored the upper and lower Engineering Hull as well as other "key" areas.. At least "key" in my mind.. Plus i would add different parts from other models that I had. Making her an "upgraded" unit. Kit-bashing at 15.. Now more then ever I wish I still had it or got pics of it. In my own mind it was major badass.
That sounds cool, I wish you had pics, too. My friend did airbushing and he took my Romulan ship I painted the weird green and redid it like it was cloaked by painting it black and then painting stars on it. I don't have a pic, either, but it looked great.
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