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So, Shatner's Written a Lot of Books...

There are a number of autobiographical books by Shatner: "Star Trek Memories", "Movie Memories", "Shatner Rules", "Up Till Now", etc. He's also been heavily involved with the Biography Channel, doing his "Raw Nerve" and "Aftermath" shows. If the Bio Channel decided to use those books as a framework for a telemovie about Shatner's life (and there is a TON of material they could draw from), I'm curious what actors does anyone think would be asked to portray him in various stages of his life? It occurred to me that it may be difficult finding people to accurately portray him - his unconventional personality and speech patterns, which is why I think Chris Pine kind of did his own thing, not trying to imitate a Shatner-like Kirk, but preserving some small mannerisms and gestures. Thoughts?
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