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Re: Why Did Gene drop Christopher Pike?

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OTOH, there's nothing that Kirk says or does in WNMHGB that would have been "out of character" for Pike because so little character was established for either of them at that point. Roddenberry simply replaced one handsome leading man of a certain apparent age with another.
The only fair comparison is analysing how each was introduced, and in 60s pilots, the tendency to give be clear about who and why a character is "himself" was common to aid in making the sell. On that note, Pike was established in one way, Kirk the opposite. To reiterate, taking the pilot versions of each, it is clear the WNMHGB script was written with Kirk as a very different man than Pike, with different motivations for his life and relationships with shipmates.

Additionally, with 2nd pilot Spock now written as more cold-hearted (the entire "kill Mitchell" dialogue / "all I know is logic" lines) than his 1st pilot self ("the WOMEN!" / smiling, 'nuff said), Kirk had to be a warmer personality than Pike, otherwise, there would be no strong, contrasting dynamic if the captain is a grim and humorless as the resident alien.
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