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Re: Deep Space Nine Revisited: A New Perspective

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I dunno... are those things really necessarily out of character for a genetically engineered guy in the first place? Those are personality traits. Just because he's got a monster intellect, doesn't mean he can't be a bit wowed by his first assignment, a bit overexcited at meeting a real-life spy, etc. He's got exceptional reflexes and is highly intelligent, but you can't genetically engineer common sense, maturity, or general personality traits. I think that, combined with:

this, to the degree that it would have been necessary, covers it pretty well.
I suppose, but it seemed before that those traits were rooted in a genuine naivety about the world around him. And you would think having a monster intellect would bring with it a greater sense of maturity and confidence as well.

At least to where you're not continuing to act like a little kid at every new thing you encounter.
I agree that - even if his basic personality drove some of that initial "boyish wonder" genuinely - having the monster intellect would probably cause it to recede more quickly. That it didn't is the second part coming into play: some of it was intentional, especially as time went on, because he knew he had to tone it down gradually, so as not to undergo a very noticeable, sudden behavioral shift that might be questioned.
Exactly, he is a genetically engineered genius
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