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Re: Was Voyager designed by Sanford and Son?

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I didn't like the switch to a single pilot position, but i know it was just to save money from hiring somebody with no lines to play navigator.
But that was already done on TNG, it has nothing to do with Voyager specifically.
Tom is the navigator. If you recall, data was the ships operations officer (that was what his station was devoted to. A position which worf held briefly)

They just moved the operations position to the rear of the bridge.
Actually I meant having two stations directly in front of the captain, as in TOS and TNG. The single station design first showed on DS9's Defiant, carried on to Voyager, and puzzingly showed up again on NX-01 which predated Kirk's ship.

The day I made the quoted post, I think I had been awake 20 hours, had 3 hours sleep, and had been awake another 5 hours, so I just wasn't clear-headed enough to say what I intended. I conked out again shortly after. Maybe it was the day before. With no daily routine, they all run together.
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