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Re: Was Voyager designed by Sanford and Son?

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Lets say it took 2 or 3 years to take the Intrepid Class from blue print to first launch... And they seating, placing the Captain and the First officer on an even standing is because of Robert Maxwell's coup.

but here's the problem.

In theory this means that a rational First officer will feel the gravitas to stand up his or her Captain because they are not on a fricking pedestal, yet in practice that just means that a psycho like Max Burke can talk a relatively decent bloke into becoming a mass murderer because his first officers seat doesn't look like it belongs to a 7 year old.


On Kirk's Enterprise the XO didn't even get his or her own chair, the job just fell to next highest ranked officer who actually already had a full time job to get sorted as well, and how was the Chief Engineer supposed to do his job in engineering if his "hobby" forced him into a bridge posting that's only job is to hold the Captains hand and say "Shields Up!"
I dont think the XO position was really that defined during Kirks era. From what I remember, Kirk often did a lot of the crew disciplining himself.. regulations didnt mean a whole lot back then and he was more in touch with the crew...

[waits for the obvious, yeoman blake/rand remark]
Have you read New Frontier?

The Captains Exwife is the First officer who handles the day shift as the First officer, and the captains Mistress if the Executive Officer who manages the night shift... And the captain just wanders between the two women, spending more time awake with whosoever is less annoying.

Of course does this mean that the mistress is actually the Second officer, or that the first officer job has been split down the middle equitably?

On Voyager everything is different.

12 hours a day 80 percent of the crew is a sleep and Harry is in Charge.

If you think about it, changing/varying their speed between warp 4 and warp 8, it wouldn't be that hard to take a little longer or less to get somewhere off par from optimal just so that the day shift is always the first responders to a planet or something fricking obviously dangerous.

It's just the surprise dangerous that Captain Kim has to deal with.
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