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Re: Was Voyager designed by Sanford and Son?

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You really think TNG sets look better than Voyager's? You must love 80's hotels. TNG looks dated and pretty bad, especially the bridge. The Voyager sets could still pass for a show made today.

Although yes, the moving warp nacelles were pointless and goofy (and I believe added so the toys would have a cool moving feature) and externally, Voyager was no looker. This early prototype looked far better, IMO:
Gotta disagree, the TNG bridge looked both elegant and modern. it only looks dated because lets be honest, the show is 25 years old... and they used models instead of CGI. Season 4-7 of TNG looks about as modern as DS9 and voyager i'll wager..

Your point about the moving nacelles is devious! I never thought of that. Some snotty kid will pickup the dammned thing in the toy store.. start playing with it.....and BREAK it.. OOPS! Gotta buy it now!

....except, little scotty doesnt want it anymore! "Its broken!!!! i want a new one!" BOOM! Hasbro just made $60 bucks in 10 minutes!

Gotta love capitalism!
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