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Re: Was Voyager designed by Sanford and Son?

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It means that Paris, or whichever of his minions is at the helm, was doing the job of two people.
Mentioned this already but no, tom was just doing the same job that wesley/geordi and ensign ro performed. The second position that data held was the operations console. I also believe this was the position that ensign Chekov held on the Enterprise A
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RIKER: Don't we have a call to pay on the Romulans, Captain?
PICARD: Indeed we do. Mister Data, set course for the Neutral Zone. Warp six.
DATA: Co-ordinates set. Warp six on your mark, sir.

23rd century Operations Officer = Navigator.

24th century Operations Officer on Enterprise = Navigator.

24th century Operations Officer on Voyager = Sissy.
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