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Re: Defending Admiral Cain from Battlestar Galactica(mentions Dick Che

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ok where onscreen was this 'smart guerilla war' depicted?

it isn't.

because it only exists in your head

so some real world leaders have done worse stuff, Nelson mandela never committed any atrocities. compare her to him for a change. she comes out bad then.

its an exact equivalent to your comparison of those leaders, before you comeback with 'false equivilancy' again.
On screen, destroying the Resurrection Ship. Cain after discovering Starbuck's competence promotes her and tasks her to create a mission-plan to destroy it and approves the plan. She commanded the mission and the mission is a rousing success with the resurrection ship destroyed.

Its said in Pegasus that they were stalking the resurrection ship for awhile waiting for the right moment to ambush when they ran into Galactica.

At the end of Razor Adama, after studying the totality of Cain's tactics declares he cannot find fault with any of the tacitics Cain used. Starbuck declares the fleet is less safe without her. Pretty much everyone on the Pegasus agree with this statement. This last point takes care of all the various gaps that the on-screen time doesn't provide us.
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