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Re: Was Voyager designed by Sanford and Son?

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Well we've seen that starships seem to be pretty modular, and I bet under the floor there are plenty of plug sockets for consoles. So if a starship needs to be upgraded, they could easily bring in the new console and plug it in.

Or hire an extra betazoid so we have 2 people stating the obvious every time we meet someone!
You know that isnt a bad idea. I would have liked to see major changes to the ship that had to do with their being trapped in the delta quadrant and wanting to make the ship more liveable..

Hell, Chakotay went to town when he and Janeway were trapped on "New Earth" with that disease sillyness..

OMG, that Chakotay was such a pimp.. building headboards for Janie's bed because she liked to "sit up in bed".. I noticed the very well placed grip handles...I gotta use that line next time i get a girl over..

Anyone notice how Adam and Eve that episode was?
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