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Guerrilla warriors who took on Superpowers without another superpower backing them up pretty much all have one thing in common. They lost.
False. Look no further than our current situation in Afghanistan. The only support the Taliban is getting is pretty limited support from Pakistan's ISI (their intelligence service...should note in fairness to Pakistan, they will call these false allegations and outrageous). They've fought the US to a stalemate over the course of 12 years. In the long game...the US will withdraw in 2014, experts say chances are good of a Taliban takeover.
It's because we've wasted over a trillion dollars in that war, killed or maimed too many of our soldiers and over a decade for a hellhole that no army in history has been able to control and never will.

We probably wouldn't have this problem if we were immortal robots, used nukes like bullets and thought we will doing the will of God to wipe them out instead of installing democracy.

The situations are as far apart as shit can get.
Your conclusion is based on the premise that the other side wouldn't also have advanced weapons which is false. Also, they are not immortal and can die if they wish to continue a fruitless fight from long distance.
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