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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

Well, in the Fantastic Four crossover, Ben, Johnny, Reed and Sue come back to earth where Reed, Johnny and Ben are murdered by Ultrons in short order, which is why in the parent book that Sue is hooked up with the rebellion even though they were supposed to be exploring the negative zone for a year that Because of dimensional compression would only last for four minutes on earth.

(You know this.)

Considering T'Challa rang Marvel's First Family up on his super cellphone to say Earth has been invaded, but he didn't say "You guys are lost in time space and there's an old possibly evil version of Johnny stinking up the place" unless of course he was preserving the timeline by not telling them that they were already destined to die, you would have to assume that the Entire Age of Ultron "began/happened" during those first four minutes when the Fantastic Four was supposed to be gone, and that time travel and issue 6 is going to reverse everything including most of the deaths.
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