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Re: Defending Admiral Cain from Battlestar Galactica(mentions Dick Che

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though as randomfan seems to have ignored my last posts i'm going to declare victory!

how many times can you use 'but adama and starbuck said something that one time so it justifies everything' anyway?

i guess when your entire arguement is contradicted by everything onscreen you have to cling to the tiniest thing.

also this thread doesn't have enough Dick Cheney. He may be a psychotic war criminal, but at least he didn't order rape-torture against an ex-lover. good old dick.
You can declare victory all you want; clearly none has been acheived. You tend to make one line statements so I might've missed your posts while trying to answer the longer thought out arguments. Your last one liner said "her personal motive was to take out the cylons". Her personal motive was to take on the cylons in smart guerilla war, with the goal of taking back their home.

And yes, good ole' Dick Cheney and the US of A. Ordered the torture of at least 50 individuals. Also ordered the rendition of many others (giving meaner intelligence agencies custody of our combatants so they could do harsher torture including RAPE!!). Add FDR with his internments and Lincoln with his scorched earth strategy both of which made what Cain did look like child's play. But I guess none of them tortured of one of their ex-lover who also happened to be guilty of genocide unlike someone else we know
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