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Re: The ENT and Melakon

1:08 - Breaking the Ice

TV Blurb: Malcolm and Travis build a snowman, Vulcans are cool, and Trip talks about shit.

While Reed and Mayweather take samples from a comet, the crew answer schoolchildren's letters, host dinner for a Vulcan captain, and Trip becomes involved in T'Pol's personal problems.

Some nice special effects with the comet (the episode was nominated for an Emmy). But the end of the expedition, with the shuttle sinking into the ice, reminded me too much of a similar accident in the earlier Terra Nova. The fall into the crevice looked to me like they simply recycled the action file of the shuttle animation and used a different environment.

Although he's supposed to be an athletic outdoors enthusiast, Travis hurts his leg yet again.

There are some nice moments in the schoolkid's letters scene. Phlox is visibly though momentarily annoyed when Archer interrupts his lengthy discussion. And Archer seems to take perverse delight when Trip has to explain how the toilets work.

Trip gets drawn into T'Pol's personal life, encouraging her to start thinking about her own desires rather than necessarily what's expected of her by Vulcan tradition.

My favorite scene though, is the dinner with visiting Captain Vanik (William Utay). The Vulcan has a gift for making anything he says sound insulting or demeaning ("You're easily impressed.") I was surprised when I realized that actor Utay had played Phil, the homeless guy who hovered around district attorney Dan Fielding on the show "Night Court".

A pleasant enough episode, but just average.

Next up: Civilization
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