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Enterprise and STID ??

I've been watching Enterprise S4 and I've noticed that some story lines have similar to ideas and rumours from STID. Let me explain

Three episodes explain the human augment story line borderland cold station 12 and the augments. Rumours have said that JH is a human augment working for starfleet we've seen the international trailer and Peter wellers Character says he's one of there top agents possible a human augment ?

Also I've just watched two episodes called affliction and divergence again the story line is about the Klingons making Klingon augments and LT Reed is working for section 31 another rumour that was talked about in the new film and another thing that has come to light the leader of section 31 is called Harrison in that episode. Klingons feature highly in these two episodes and look like to be featured more in STID. IMO the writers have been watching Enterprise episodes to get some ideas for STID
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