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Re: What kind of fan are you?

Masao wrote:
The Evolutionists - who say the faith is a living, breathing entity that should change with time and the environment.
Maybe this one? While I enjoy seeing TOS on it's own terms and speculating on the original intent of it's creators, I also get a lot of enjoyment from looking at the constantly evolving bigger picture, and how TOS fits into it. All the new information we've had about the Trekverse. They all change our perceptions of the original slightly, and there's a lot of fun in re-examining the old with what we've learned since.

For example, we now know that the USS Enterprise NCC-1701 was the second starship Enterprise, following on from the Enterprise NX-01 a century before. George Kirk was a Starfleet officer (and Jim's inspiration for joining up) and first officer of the USS Kelvin NCC-0514, a ship that was twice the size and had twice the crew of Kirk's TOS Enterprise. Why is that? Did Starfleet shrink their captial ships? Or was the old Enterprise perhaps a 23rd century equivalent of Voyager, smaller and more advanced, while the bigger and older Kelvins, Newtons and Mayflowers lumbered around unseen in the original 79 episodes?

Were the NX-01 and the Kelvin "more advanced" than the TOS ships? Or was TOS' depiction of the 23rd century limited by the budget and technology of a TV show in the 1960's? If the obviously rubber-suited Gorn was "really" a dangerous lizard monster then perhaps some other things, like randomly blinking squares for control panels, are similarly open to interpretation. Perhaps the Romulan ship from "Balance of Terror" really looked like the one from "Minefield" - or perhaps it was a Starfleet knock-off design, as described in deleted scenes? It's fun to speculate about.
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