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ENTER: Misc Avatar Contest: Folk Heroes!

Folk Heroes! Every culture's got them. Sometimes they are perfection personified, sometimes their character is of dubious quality, sometimes their notoriety does not weather changing social fashions and sometimes, of course, one culture's hero is another culture's villain. They can be real people, like Paul Revere, apocryphal, like Robin Hood, or complete fiction, like Paul Bunyan. Some stand the test of time and some fade into obscurity.

Your task: Inspire us with images of your favorite Folk Hero.

The media rules apply, with a caveat-- no heroes that began as media characters (e.g. Indiana Jones, Captain Kirk) will be allowed, but images of historical folk heroes from TV and movies (e.g. Fess Parker as Daniel Boone) are okay.

To start us off:

Molly Pitcher is a legendary folk hero of the American Revolution. She is an amalgam of all the women who were not content to sit at home and wait for the men folk to return, but who actually were out there fighting.

And we're off!
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