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Re: Survivor 26: Fans vs Favorites Discussion

I'm glad Corinne is gone. I can totally understand wanting to do an end run around Philip, but it was stupid to not vote with her own alliance until they started getting rid of the strong guys alliance who will dominate the more physical individual immunity challenges. She had to go lest she went to the other side permanently.

Plus, as annoying as Philip is with his arrogance, secret codes, and general BS, he at least keeps things entertaining with his delusions of grandeur. Meanwhile, she became just as annoying as he was when Michael came over and she started going on an on about "my gay" and "the gay" as if he has zero identity outside his sexual orientation and was her personal toy or pet. Can you imagine if she kept saying "I love the blacks," or "I'm so glad I get to keep playing with my black." Good riddance to her. She never bothered me before that.

It was great to see Cochrane get to dominate a challenge for once, even if it was only a gross food challenge. He deserved to showboat a little, and it was funny. He's played 100% better strategically than his last Survivor appearance where he was a total let down after so much pre-game build up about what a Survivor expert he was and how he was going to dominate strategically. Plus, his self-deprecating, witty, and insightful interviews about the tribe dynamics have been one of the saving graces of the season.
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