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final episode...


I just finished watching all 4 seasons and i loved it all except for the last episode, that wasn't ENT it was a TNG episode for lord sakes!

although i will admit, I did kind of like the small tribute to the star ships at the end which was nice, but my god RIKER AND DIANA?!

My mum went to school with troy, she was known as the local bike! for those over seas, she was easy, a bit slutty, slept get the point. I met her once and nearly slapped her too.

Riker is an over bearing self centered tholian sea slug who shouldn't be allowed near a camera.

TRYING to watch TNG but every time he is on screen his legs are so far apart you could park a pickup between them, and there ain't anything particularly special between em either!

overall I'm really rather hacked off at that last episode.

rant/vent over.
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