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Re: Worst Star trek actor ever

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And I dare anybody to come up with clear reasons why Wes Studi would not have been a far greater Chakotay. Studi would have been for Chakotay what Nimoy was for Spock. He would have been a reason to watch the show. His interplay with Kate Mulgrew would have been phenomenal. Completely missed opportunity there.
Plus, Wes Studi is an actual First Nations person, unlike Beltran.
Actually, Beltran does have some Native blood. From his IMDb profile:

He is the seventh of ten children, of Mexican-Native American ancestry, though Robert describes his heritage as Latindio.
I would have gone with Graham Greene (Dances With Wolves) as Chakotay. Older, wiser, a real sense of gravitas. Would have set up a more interesting relationship between that chartacter and Janeway, IMO.
Graham Greene is actually only about a year and a half older than Robert Beltran - but I agree, he probably would have had his head a lot more in the game than Beltran did. Or maybe Tom Jackson, who's four years older.
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