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Re: Was Voyager designed by Sanford and Son?

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We... do? When was that established?
Well I'm only going by extrapolation. There was an Intrepid class (sometimes two) almost always docked at the station whenever there was an EXT. shot. I assume one is Bellerophon since that's Ross's ship. But I also remember reading somewhere, that Intrepid was also there. And for all I know, it was in a novel that I read it.
I thought it was mostly one of the horrid kitbashes - one that used Intrepid parts (among other things of course) - that showed up during those DS9 establishing shots. I don't remember seeing actual Intrepids. I could be wrong, though, and whether or not an Intrepid was actually SEEN in the background vs. just kitbashes, I agree that it would make sense for the Bellerophon to be one of the ships stationed at - or at least near - DS9 during the war. In arguments past on these boards, I've maintained that I never bought the idea of the Intrepid being a decidedly combat-oriented ship, but that it would be invaluable during the Dominion War as a scout or courier. Could be that the Bellerophon serves in that function for the Bajor sector's standing fleet, and Ross tapped it for that mission since it's fast, but also has enough amenities to ferry VIPs.
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