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Re: The Sliders Kickstarter campaign

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In December of 1996, a certain Fox employee gained a promotion to become an upper level Fox Executive. In fact, he was given control of a large segment of Fox programming including Sliders. This Fox employee had hosted a Fox party a couple of years before (when Sliders was first beginning), and John was there. Allegedly a very drunk John who targeted and quite thoroughly humiliated that Fox employee.
John Rhys-Davies, drunk and reading the telephone directory, would still be off the charts as per sheer awesomeness.

So, SO very true.

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I stopped watching the series after Arturo died. It wasn't even intentional -- my interest just evaporated and I eventually sold the third season DVD (although I kept the first two seasons).

It's a good property for a reboot, actually. It had a core concept that was interesting, but rarely exploited (and television has come a long way since the mid-1990s). It would be a good fit for the SyFy Channel today, perhaps even more so now than when they picked it up for two final seasons.
I tried to watch it after they killed of Arturo, but it was so painfully uninteresting. I would check in from time to time but by the time the lame brother showed up, I was done. For me, No Professor? No Sliders.
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