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One think I admired most about Voyager was that gender played into the series very little. The fact that Kathryn Janeway was a female didn't matter to those who served under her. What really mattered was that she was competent, caring, hardworking, and willing to do what had to be done to get her crew home.

There is no human on human sexual/gender bias in the future.

Kathryn didn't have to over come shit.

Education is free and no one has a substandard of living.

In fact being the daughter of an Admiral tapped a level of nepotism/old school tie elitism which is the closest thing they probably get to Racism, even though it was working in reverse (unless you count all the more illegible/law abiding citizens whose place in line was displaced by Kathryn making a mockery of due process who were being oppressed by Starfleet Legacies?) which really means that she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth despite there being no money and no class system that such a thing should be impossible.
Well Janeway always showed favoritism towards Tom Paris. I'm sure the fact that his daddy was an Admiral she was fond of had absolutely nothing to do with it either.
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