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Re: Does TOS Still Look Futuristic to You?

aridas sofia wrote: View Post
No one has greater respect for the artists that defined the look of the various series than I do.
I'll take you at your word.

My point is simple -- that from the point of view of future viewers, the choice of say, the NX-01's plasma screen monitors in a near future age of self-luminous Organic Light Emitting Diode or Nano-Emissive displays will in retrospect look nearsighted.
Then we are not so far apart, if at all. Yes, all Trek's will reflect the periods in which they are produced both in style and function. I just do not believe most future viewers will get hung up on that unalterable reality - at least to the point of turning their backs on it.

Example: My wife and I have been revisiting the Rockford Files TV series ('74-'80). The level of technology (or lack thereof) is noticable. Big boxey cars, no cell phones (even car phones were rare), no internet or personal computers. Rockfords using a portable printing press to make his phony business cards as oppossed to using a printer. Pretty much everything we take for granted today, but it is still incredible fun to watch because of the strength of the characters. The transcendence, universality, relatability of people and situations and conflicts.

That doesn't mean the choice was "wrong". It means it will have a shorter shelf life. "Laughable" like the carefully conceived and wrought 1950 Robert Heinlein film "Destination Moon" looked laughable a decade after it was made.
Well, again I feel there is a wrongmindedness to insisting on using "laughable" - as if folks watch old movies and TV with a hyper-critical eye in scrutinizing everything for the sole purpose of finding fault or to invalidate the production. Most folks, I believe, take things in stride and have their own built-in "anachromatic compensator" built right into their imaginations. They notice but do not let it distract.

Another example would be "Earth vs the Flying Saucers" were the tech and look is all dated but the concepts and strength of drama compels audiences past getting hung-up on it's dated look.

I believe my comment is pertinent -- not impertinent.
You have stated your beliefs and outlook - I respect that. That sort of sharing is absolutely why we are all here. I'm still not sure why you're determined to justify the overly harsh label of "laughable," but that is your right to do so.
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