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Cain was mainly concerned with attacking the Cylons and keeping the Pegasus going. The rest of humanity were either needed to achieve this or obstacles, ones that she had no problem removing. If her chief goal was to keep the human race alive, then the Pegasus would have had its own fleet. While wiping out the Cylons can be seen as a worthy goal and would save what's left of humanity, she was clearly more focused on taking out the Cylons even if the human race went extinct in the process.
Her goal wasn't to wipe out the Cylons. It was to fight a smart guerrilla war with the goal of taking back their home, Caprica. The whole revenge thing was a rah-rah speech to get the troops going after they learned of the genocide. In the next scene, she states her real goal.
Based on what? She was clearly willing to manipulate people to achieve her goals, having Starbuck on her side would be a big win for her. Another soldier willing to die for the cause, all because she thinks she'll get to go home and save her boyfriend. Never realizing that Cain only wanted to kill as many Cylons as she could. If she wanted to take back the Colonies, not that a single Battlestar ever could. That's why Adama was talked out of the same thing, it's a suicide mission and he realized it.
She doesn't have a history of manipulating people. Her style is more "my way or the highway" vs. manipulation. And her stating Caprica/the other colonies was her ultimate goal wasn't contingent on rescuing survivors when she told Starbuck that it was her ultimate goal. Home was always her ultimate goal.

The odds seem long, but they also seemed that way for many guerrilla warriors throughout history that took on superpowers. They ran into Galactica...whose to say they wouldn't have run into others.

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