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Re: Is Batman crazy?

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I wouldn't say Batman is out for revenge - he's out to stop the suffering of others at the hands of criminal.
Exactly. Thank you. That whole "I am vengeance" thing is completely wrong. If Batman were about revenge, he would've killed Joe Chill and left it at that. He's about justice. He's about stopping criminals and protecting the innocent. It's not about himself, it's about everyone else he can save from suffering the same kind of tragedy he lived through.

This is one of the many, many things the Burton movies got very wrong about Batman. Having the Joker/Napier be his parents' killer reduces it to a formulaic revenge movie, and Batman is about more than that. That's something Nolan got right -- what started him on the path to becoming Batman was Rachel convincing him to let go of revenge and focus on redressing the suffering of others instead of just his own.

Nerys Myk wrote: View Post
In most other versions the Waynes are killed by a two bit nobody armed robber named Joe Chill.
Or by a hitman named Joe Chill, hired by gangster Lew Moxon to assassinate Thomas Wayne in retaliation for getting him arrested, and to make it look like a random armed robbery. That's the way it was retconned in 1956, and it stayed canonical until Crisis on Infinite Earths three decades later.

Wasn't Chill hired by the League of Shadows in the Nolan version? I have the impression that the League had the Waynes killed because their philanthropy was countering the decay of Gotham that the League was trying to orchestrate. Or maybe that's just a theory I concocted.
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