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Re: "Plato's Stepchildren:" Kirk-Uhura Rape Scene?

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I think using rape is needlessly inciteful but I have thought in recent years that it was unfortunate that the oft hyped first kiss was under forced coercion.
Inciteful? Well, I cop to that in so far as I couldn't find a politer way of putting it (which is my bad). I confess that it boggles my mind though that "Star Trek" is given any credit for this kiss considering the context of the circumstances.

And don't people find it in any way insulting that the PR machine perpetuates this? I mean there are literally pages that could be filled in listing legitimate positives and highlights of "Star Trek" since in its inceptions, does it need to hype a forced sexual encounter?

And if "rape" is too strong, how would others classify it and justify its exaltation?

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