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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

Toy companies still hold onto the long-held idea that female action figures do not sell well in the U.S. market*. IMO, they're not looking at the collector's market, but rather at the retail market where the female figures tend to be peg warmers unless they're produced in low quantities. They'd rather have people scrambling to find the one or two female figures in a case than have the shelves filled with them collecting dust.

*I actually saw something that supported this at a local Wal-Mart that apparently messed up and had a lot of Power Girl, Cheetah, and Zatanna DC Universe 7-inch figures. I don't know if potential buyers were feeling self-conscious or what about buying fairly sexy female action figures, but they sat on the pegs for at least a year before the store finally just took them down and replaced 'em with some Toy Story figures.
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