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Re: Was Voyager designed by Sanford and Son?

CorporalClegg wrote: View Post
I love Voyager's set design. It's the best of modern Trek IMO. It's sleek, functional, and practical--the kind of things one would expect in a long-range research vessel and not, say, a luxury cruise liner.
Yep. I still love the Ent-D for the most part, but I thought that the bridge was at its best in GEN (when it lost some of the "living room" feel and gained more functionality), and feel that the interior sets in general - while good - had WAY too much beige and brown. Voyager traded those colors in for grays and blues - big improvement. As Clegg says, it had a very sleek, minimalist approach which worked very well.

Externally, the Intrepid is not one of my favorite designs (whereas the Galaxy and Defiant both are), but it's still got a good look to it. I did think the moving nacelles were silly, though - partially because they really only had two positions: on and off. It wasn't "variable geometry" so much as "the nacelles have to swing up before we can go to warp for some reason."

sayonara maru wrote: View Post
..The helmsmen sits in an office depot desk chair
Guess they must have swiped that chair from the Ent-A or the Ent-E.
..The captains chair isnt even iconic like it is on the Enterprise A, B, C, D and E... or the Defiant.. That bothered the shit out of me.
Seriously? I would never have even thought of this before I read this thread.
..There seem to be at least 4 different "conference" rooms. They are so drab and spartan you dont care if they are deciding the fate of the galaxy or planning a tea party
4 conference rooms? What?
..No Ten Forward or Bar.. instead the crew spend all their time in a holodeck???

Though VOY did have far too much holodeck time, I'll give you that.

CorporalClegg wrote: View Post
Guy Gardener wrote: View Post
When did they start building the intrepid class? When did they lay the keel for Voyager? How different would the same ship be if it was built during a time of peace and a time of war?
I always assumed the Intrepid class was built specifically for going the worm hole and exploring Gamma, since it was commissioned at the beginning of 2370.
Hmm... I dunno about that. I don't see the Feds being able to churn out an entire class - from drawing up the initial design concept to launching not just the prototype, but also a second ship of the class, for field duty - in just two years (2369-2371). I think it's entirely possible that the mission profile of the Intrepid is a good match with GQ exploration, since the class seems to have been designed as a science/research oriented vessel generally, but I don't think it could have been purpose-built from the ground up based on discovering the wormhole.
There's no canon evidence to support this obviously, but we do know that both the Intrepid and Bellerophon were permanently stationed at DS9.
We... do? When was that established?

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