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Re: VOY The Second Time Around


A "type 4 quantum singularity?" So, there are at least 3 other types we might possibly encounter on our journey! Nooo...!

Thankfully, the singularity is the b-story in my book. This episode is really about the characters. We start with the results of O'Brien 2.0 getting clobbered by B'Elanna!

This is a great way to set things up (just wish we actually got to see the fight)! This hot-head B'Elanna is going to be Chakotay's recommendation for Chief Engineer? Good luck with that one, right! But then, of course, we learn how truly smart this woman is, and she shares an interest with Janeway in...temporal mechanics.

"Warp particles! That's the ticket!"

Don't worry, Tommy boy, your line of thought made perfect sense to me. But the point is, we have some great bonding between nerd Janeway and nerd B'Elanna.

I love the scene between Janeway and Chakotay when they look at each other after a meeting, and then Janeway nods as if to say "you were right." Then we have that beautiful theme playing underneath the scene. Mulgrew was superb there. It's great.

Neelix and Kes barging into the meeting...okay, that was a little bizarre. It looks like the writers are trying to figure out what to do with these characters before our eyes.

I did enjoy the scene between Kes and the EMH. Her sympathy for him works well. They are both fish out of water so to speak, both kind of being ignored by the rest of the crew, so the two of them having a nice, albeit short moment together here worked well for me.

And the ever-shrinking EMH was funny.

Love the excuse to get Janeway and B'Elanna on the shuttlepod together to seal the deal toward her becoming chief engineer. Like I said before, I wish this integration of the Maquis took a lot longer, but this is what we got. If the writers had to make it happen this quickly, at least they're doing a decent job of it in this episode.

Now here's something that came flooding back to me during the scene near the end with Janeway and Chakotay...I always wished these two would get together. I can't remember if they ever did? Guess I'll find out! Anyway, I sensed the sexual tension between them starting right here. And we all know how I love me some tension!

♫ "It's all coming back to me nowww..." ♫

So overall, while the singularity plot "is what it is" as my old boss used to say, the character and relationship development in this episode was pretty good for me. So again out of five, I'll give this one 3 thumbs up, a heartsy face (for the sexual tension -- even if I am the only one who noticed) and a confused face (for the singularity plot).

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