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Re: Deep Space Nine Revisited: A New Perspective

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I dunno... are those things really necessarily out of character for a genetically engineered guy in the first place? Those are personality traits. Just because he's got a monster intellect, doesn't mean he can't be a bit wowed by his first assignment, a bit overexcited at meeting a real-life spy, etc. He's got exceptional reflexes and is highly intelligent, but you can't genetically engineer common sense, maturity, or general personality traits. I think that, combined with:

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No, I always feel like that Bashir is downplaying his true self so that no one will ever expect that he is genetically enhanced
this, to the degree that it would have been necessary, covers it pretty well.
I suppose, but it seemed before that those traits were rooted in a genuine naivety about the world around him. And you would think having a monster intellect would bring with it a greater sense of maturity and confidence as well.

At least to where you're not continuing to act like a little kid at every new thing you encounter.
I agree that - even if his basic personality drove some of that initial "boyish wonder" genuinely - having the monster intellect would probably cause it to recede more quickly. That it didn't is the second part coming into play: some of it was intentional, especially as time went on, because he knew he had to tone it down gradually, so as not to undergo a very noticeable, sudden behavioral shift that might be questioned.

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