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(1) insults of other posters thinly disguised as humor. It's not funny. You're not funny. Stop it.
If directed at me, I refute the charge of my most recent posts looking to insult or as being disrespectful to anyone. And upon review feel folks would find I have even overlooked more than a few directed at me.

(2) Dive bombing a thread and a forum just to poop on a show and, by extension, its fans. You don't like Enterprise? Fine. State your point, make a criticism, and then move on. It is not necessary to make other people feel bad for like a show that you detest.
Again, a full and fair evaluation of my recent posts would show valid and respecfull critiques wherein I have spoken of positives within the realm of Enterprise and moderation of initially harsh evaluations.

Honestly. These discussions do not need to devolve every single time. Take a breath, take your hands off of the keyboard every once in awhile, and chill out. Clear?
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