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Who said anything about presidential succession? I was thinking of the Cabinet, who were all but absent from TTW.

In perhaps the best analogy, Bartlet:Kirk::Executive Branch:Enterprise. Shrinking the scope of Bartlet's leadership to the White House for dramatic purposes would be like shrinking the scope of Kirk's leadership to the bridge; only given the scope of the dramatized concerns, it would be more like the briefing room. On the other hand, a broader analogy covering Bartlet's role as head of government breaks down too, because Kirk doesn't have oversight from aboard his own ship.

Anyway, whatever. I was simply trying to cite an example of a show that was not exclusively, or even mostly, focused on the chief authority in-universe, but instead more so on the subordinates, to an even greater degree than TNG was. Clearly, TWW doesn't meet any of those criteria, in any way, shape, or form.
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