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Re: Political expansion limits of the Federation

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There must be a point where it becomes practically impossible to satisfy the needs and serve the interests of every member world ...
The Federation would likely get quickly bogged down if it ever even tried to satisfy the need of all the Membership. Providing a means of common defense and exploration, an avenue for trade, and a diplomatic forum for the Membership between each other and with non-Federation powers might be the majority of what the Federation is tasked to do.

Remember, all Federation Member are highly advanced, warp capable civilizations. Unless there has been some kind of tragedy, the Member governments themselves would largely handle all their people's needs and interests.

Not the Federation.

... and I think sedition of some worlds becomes inevitable.
Seditious speech, acts and organizations can at times be a good thing, as long as what is being said is truthful. If individuals or group want to speak out, again good. If they wish to say campaign to withdraw from the Federation, why should they be stopped?

I can see the Federation actually having a fairly regular traffic of Members coming and going from the Federation. Nothing says membership has to be permanent.

The Federation can decide who they let in, but should have zero say in who leaves.

... how big can it become before its political structure collapses or becomes incapable of acting?
At some point the Federation might have to begin to divide into multiple regional zones, each largely self-sufficient. With a common governing body existing simply for coordination between the zones.

If the Federation were to one day encompass the entire Milky Way galaxy, the idea that a single central council would be able to somehow effectively administer this future Federation is ridiculous.

but a collaboration of equal status worlds ...
Maybe, on Earth today some nations have far more status and "pull" than others. Diplomatically, economically, militarily. It kind of hard to see all the Federation's worlds as having equal status to each other.

... with democratically elected representatives
I think many of the representative teams sent to the council would be simply selected by the Member's government, like the way a United Nations ambassador is picked. But some certainly could be elected.

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