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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Android.
B is for Bolians. They were Blue...Blue Bolians.
C is for Calamarain. They were gaseous with swirling energy.
D is for Damar. He went from a lower level Officer to the leader of a rebellion.
E is for Enterprise-A. Also commanded by James Kirk, but for only seven years before she was decommissioned. One of the heroes of the battle at Khitomer.
F is for Ferengi. They are orange, and live for profit.
G is for the Great Barrier near the center of our own galaxy. Not to be confused with the Galactic Barrier which lies at the outer edge of it.
H is for Harrison. John Harrison. 'To be Khan, or not to be Khan. That is the question.' And the answer is "NO!"
I is for Illicit biomimetic gel trading. Illegal in the Federation during the 2370s.
J is for Jim. Your name... is Jim.
K is for Klingon High Council, the ruling body of their Empire since the reign of the last absolute Emperor ended in the 21st century.
L is for Leonard Nimoy as Mister Spock.
M is for Majel Barrett as Number One, Christine Chapel, the starship computer voice and Lwaxana Troi.
N is for Nerf Herder.
O is for Oracle of Yonada, the computer system that ruled over the Fabrini people and dispensed "justice."
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