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Ace, I think you need to scale it back a bit, or there might be a repeat of the shitstorm from last week.
With all due restraint and respect my most recent posts have been extraordinarily clear in their humorous intent and extremely mild. So please do not look to manufacture false claims or to bear false witness.

My postings as of late have been courteous and respectful. I intend to keep them that way dispite obvious provocations like yours. We, as participants, cannot go around looking to take offense at every turn or quip. Some of my comments have even shown me poking fun at myself.

So I sincerely call upon you and others to let bygones-be-bygones and lighten-up. If you are determined to find insult and injury in everything I or anyone else posts then you will surely find it no matter what I or others actually say or do.

We do not need moderators to end this ugliness now nor to prevent a "shitstorm" from happening.
Danger Ace

Yes, Virginia, this post is an expression of my opinion.
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