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Re: Why Did Gene drop Christopher Pike?

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With respect to Maverick, the initial reason for bringing in Bart Maverick was as a hedge on the rising animosity between James Garner (Bret Maverick) and Warner Bros.Television as William T. Orr, executive-producer, was especially known for signing actors to onerous, one-sided contracts that led to many rebellions.
Really? What I always heard was that Maverick's production schedule wasn't up to the demands of being the first weekly full-hour "adult" Western (Cheyenne was the first hour-long, but was only bi-weekly), and when they realized they wouldn't be able to deliver all the episodes in time they came up with the solution of brother Bart and shooting his episodes with a separate crew. Roy Huggins said that the characters were supposed to be interchangeable, since they didn't know in advance which actor would be working on which script. The only times writers were supposed to write Bret or Bart specifically were episodes in which both appeared.

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Roddenberry wanted Hunter back. But he couldn't get him, cause he became a major movie star when PT.109 came a major hit movie.
Hunter? He wasn't in PT-109.
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