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Re: Ghost in the Shell Arise: 2013

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I'm inclined to think Funimation will license this, but I wouldn't completely rule out Sentai as they've been licensing (and dubbing) a lot recently.
If Sentai licenses this, it's sadly an automatic torrent for me. They've ruined a few shows I liked and thought could've done well on US TV with terrible dubs. They also don't seem to know how to make their subtitles standout without resorting to yellow subs with black borders, which is really annoying.

I think Funi is a stronger contender for GITS though, mostly because Bandai knows GITS has a strong following in the US and Funi has a great reputation with anime fans. That said, I wouldn't mind if the older GITS material wound up in Discotek's hands and Funi got the rest from here on out.
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