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Re: Coin ID Help?

Yes, it is a South Korean 100 Won coin, as shown here

Edited to add -

The picture is of Admiral Yi Sun-shin (이순신)
If you’ve ever been to Gwanghwamun (a famous tourist attraction in Seoul), there’s this ultra awesome statue of a guy with a big ol’ whooping stick. That’s Admiral Yi Sun-Shin, one of Korea’s most legendary badasses. He fought off Japanese invaders during the Imjin War that Yulgok (5,000 won guy) warned about. And he did it with these uber cool ships called Turtle ships, complete with a spikey shell and smoke breathing dragon head. (The ship is also on the 5 won coin). What makes Admiral Yi the stuff of legends are the battles he fought (he also had Hollywood-worthy quotes). His most “don’t mess with this guy” moment was the Battle of Myeongnyang, when he defeated 333 ships with only 13 of his own. While he was fighting, we’re pretty sure he screamed out “This is Sparta Korea!”
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