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"Plato's Stepchildren:" Kirk-Uhura Rape Scene?

I recently picked upa Star Trek magazine off the newstand wherein they had an article on the "Top 100 Moments in Star Trek." In the number two spot was the inter-racial kiss between Kirk and Uhura from "Plato's Stepchildren", and it was being hailed as an advancement. I could never get behind that notion.


Because it is painfully clear in the episode that neither Kirk nor Uhura were acting of their own free-will. They were forced, and that it is, by every definition, rape! It was, in fact, made worse by imagery of a white-on-black rape (though Kirk was just as much a victim - please no, "you can't rape the willing" snarkiness) especially in those volatile times.

So again, why is it celebrated? Was it truly a positive depiction? Did it really break a barrier? Do folks get so wrapped in wanting to praise the series that they feel justified in manufacturing and misrepresenting things?
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