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Re: Defending Admiral Cain from Battlestar Galactica(mentions Dick Che

randomfan86 wrote: View Post
Let us not try to impugn the motives of those we disagree with.
Oh, I shall impugn, sir. I'll impugn as much as I want. In fact, I'm impugning right now. What, are we supposed to worry about hurting the fictional feelings of the fictional megalomaniac murderer?

You're acting like she's being tried before the space Hague or something.

randomfan86 wrote: View Post
Adama has said he cannot find anything tactically wrong with what she did when fighting the Cylons. Cain did want to protect humans. Pretty much every character acknowledges they owe their lives to her. Starbuck says they are less safe without her, and Adama tacitly agrees at the end of Razor.
Just keep repeating that Adama line as if it's an actual argument. He's capable of being wrong. He was wrong on many occasions. I demonstrated with a list of terrible tactical decisions she made why he was wrong about her. Why not address those instead of repeating that line again?

Starbuck said it at a funeral in front of the Pegasus crew which they were trying to integrate into Galactica's command structure at the time. What do you expect her to say? "Cain was a nutjob and I'm glad she's dead"?

You keep coming back to Adama and Starbuck after Cain's death, but what about Roslin and Lee? Or Adama before she died when she was a menace to him and his crew?

And again, who did she protect? I want factual examples, not Starbuck's hypothetical.
- There are stories about what happened.
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