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You know who else aided and abetted a genocide? Admiral Cain, by murdering civilians, crippling their ships and abandoning them to die,
That isn't genocide. Genocide is the systematic destruction of a race.
Yes, which is what the Cylons were doing to humans. Did you miss the part where I said she "aided and abetted" a genocide, not committed a genocide herself?

Getting a third of her crew killed in an obvious trap after already losing 700 people in the initial Cylon attack on the shipyards, permitting the murder of civilians by her crew directly, breaking up families who would have much needed children to continue the species, and leaving the civilian fleet crippled and vulnerable to Cylon attack were all things that benefited the Cylon's goal of the destruction of humanity.

She lacked the intent to commit genocide against her own species, but she sure as hell helped the process along.

Cain wanted to protect humans.
I miss BSG since it went off the air. Can I borrow the version you watched? I love alternate scenes, and it seems whatever you watched was entirely made up of them, because what you describe is the exact opposite of what she did in the version I saw.
Adama has said he cannot find anything tactically wrong with what she did when fighting the Cylons. Cain did want to protect humans. Pretty much every character acknowledges they owe their lives to her. Starbuck says they are less safe without her, and Adama tacitly agrees at the end of Razor.
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