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Re: Please don't airlock me . . .

JanewayRulz!, I can't even . . . I don't . . . I just . . . I died at that video. Oh god, I'm dying here. I don't think I've laughed this hard in a very long time, but that freaking video has me snorting. >.>

Kate Mulgrew is an amazing actress, but what really endeared her to my heart is her work with Alzheimer's research. I know she lost her mother to the disease, and I lost my grandfather to it, so I admire the fact that she's such a champion for research and whatnot. She's so passionate with everything she does, she's dedicated and wonderful. Plus, she's just amazing and versatile.

There's a con going to Tennessee in September (I think . . .) and it's only four or five hours from me. Kate's gonna be there and you can bet your sweet buns that I'll be there. I fell off my chair when I saw that she's making an appearance and since it's so close, I decided that I would be there no matter what. Now I just have to wait for it . . . Sad day.
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