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^ My heroes tend to be fictional as well.

The track of the Kate Mulgrew as hero went as follows:

Ryn said that Kate Mulgrew is something of a hero to her. That doesn't surprise me so much, there may be some personal or professional traits that inspire her.

Then Corporal Clegg responded that Hillary Clinton also viewed Kate as a hero.

This did surprise me, and I just wanted to know why.

I mean, I would kind of figure the other way around.
This is kind of hierarchical though, it seems to be you're saying that Clinton is more than KM so why would she find KM a hero? But since KM is more than Ryn it makes sense she would find KM a hero? I'm not having a go at you, it just strikes me as funny that a politician with power is possibly seen as above an actor as far as heroes go. If I've totally misread any of this my apologies.

(7 would be my hero as far as VOY goes, Janeway is more my icon.)
Hillary Clinton broke barriers. I can see someone thinking of her as a hero. She was the first US First Lady to go on to a career equal to her husband's following his term in office. She's been Secretary of State during some difficult times.

And, well, she fought for medical benefits for the 9/11 first responders (like my brother), who were being hung out to dry by the Bush administration, so I have a personal affection for her.

Kate's an actress, decent at what she does. But there's nothing in her bio that sticks out as "hero" to me, especially to the level that a groundbreaker like Clinton would call her a hero.
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